8 Causes Of Wrinkles (Excluding Aging)

Last updated on October 23rd, 2018

Wrinkles are one of the most common signs of aging. However, it is also one of the ones that are most visible.

It’s been proven that the reason we experience aging-related wrinkles is due to a decline in collagen levels. But are there any other reasons, excluding aging, that can cause wrinkles to appear.

Well, I checked up on this topic and found eight causes of wrinkles that don’t include aging.

This list is not in any particular order and applies to everyone. And limiting your exposure will slow down skin aging and wrinkle formation.

So, here are the eight causes of wrinkles (excluding aging):

1: Insufficient Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause a lot of problems. These include having less energy, feeling slow, weight gain, and poor skin health.

It’s always recommended to sleep 6-8 hours every night. This is because skin repair and revitalization is done while you are asleep. Sleeping also helps eject the toxins from the body.

The biggest cause of wrinkles from insufficient sleep is due to the altered skin pH caused by skin dehydration.

Insufficient Sleep

2. Drinking Through A Straw

This one is a surprising one. We are advised to drink coffee, soda, and tea out of a straw to prevent teeth stains. But according to studies, drinking through a straw causes your skin around the mouth to get wrinkles.

What happens is that when you drink out of a straw, the muscles around the lips contract. When you do this repeatedly, fine lines and wrinkles start showing themselves.

To avoid this problem, limit the use of straws, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. But it would be better if you avoid drinks that stain your teeth in the first place. After all, soda, tea, and coffee are not good for your health anyway.

Drinking Through A Straw

3. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for your health, period. However, did you know that smoking cigarette can cause your skin to rapidly age and wrinkle faster?

Nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to constrict. This limits the nutrient supply to the epidermis, making the skin more prone to wrinkling.

So, a simple solution to the younger looking skin is to stop smoking cigarettes.

Smoking Cigarettes

4. Too Much Stress

Stress has been proven to affect your physical and mental health negatively. The primary reason for this is that stress increases cortisol levels in the body.

In skin health and wrinkles, cortisol causes a decline in the skin’s moisture retention. Higher cortisol levels also elevate blood sugar, which can damage collagen and elastin levels.

To prevent the increase in stress-related wrinkles, try to relax and de-stress your mind. Try Yoga, meditation, or playing an outdoor sport.


5. Constantly Squinting

Another surprising cause of wrinkles is frequently squinting. Squinting causes muscle contractions which can strengthen the muscle over time.

While this sounds like a good thing, it can increase muscle lines and wrinkle visibility.

Constantly Squinting

6. Chronic Dry Skin

If your skin is always dry and dehydrated, you should expect wrinkles to become common features on your skin soon.

What happens is that skin with insufficient moisture levels is more susceptible to the formation of wrinkles.

To avoid this problem, keep your skin moisturized with a quality anti-aging cream. Also, ensure that you apply the cream at least twice a day for maximum results.

Chronic Dry Skin

7. High Sugar Intake

Sugar is the killer of healthy physiques and good skin. So, if you have been on a high-sugar diet, expect a bunch of disadvantages. These include weight gain, poor skin health, lack of energy, and a decline in overall health.

A high sugar intake will lead to accelerated aging. This means that you will see wrinkles a lot sooner.

This happens because sugar activates the process of glycation. In this process, proteins like elastin and collagen are bound, resulting in a decline in natural levels of proteins. In the end, this ends up with premature aging and wrinkles.

High Sugar Intake

8. Exposure To The Sun

The sunrays contain UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn, accelerate skin aging and promote wrinkles. They can penetrate deep in the skin layers and damage skin cells.

The sun damage can also cause a drop in collagen and elastin levels in the skin. It also results in photoaging and is best avoided.

To prevent this problem, go for an SPF30 and above sunscreen before stepping out of the house.

Exposure To The Sun

Now that we have discussed the eight causes of wrinkles, you should keep them in mind. If you can properly avoid these causes, expect younger looking skin without doing anything else.

Also, note that wrinkles from aging are something that you can’t avoid. But a healthy diet and proper skin care practices will get you on your way to the wrinkle-free skin.

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